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An extensive low-responder analysis is actually finished just after HUNT1

one in HUNT2, immediately after finishing this new fieldwork, a 2.5% haphazard take to regarding low-attendants try chose (n = 685) having a non-contribution analysis. 2 These studies indicated that area of the things about non-attendance for all those aged 20–49 many years try diminished some time and becoming away from condition. About age group 45–69, an element of the causes was indeed getting very busy, forgetting the brand new invitation or otherwise not being curious. For people aged 70+, the main reasons was indeed having normal follow-right up regarding the wellness services or being immobilized due to state. To your HUNT3 Survey, additional non-participation analyses were accomplished. These will soon be presented when you look at the an article in preparation (A good Langhammer, private correspondence, ). An assessment anywhere between people answering Q1 and you can respondents merely responding good non-contribution questionnaire shared with all the non-participants, an evaluation between players and you may low-members within the national files and you can a comparison out of respondents having analysis regarding at random chose standard practices.

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