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That it Ptolemaic temple, centered between 237 and you may 57 BC, is just one of the ideal-managed ancient monuments in the Egypt

Kept from the desert mud, which filled the area after the pagan cult is banned, the brand new temple is actually dedicated to Horus, new avenging kid of Isis and you will Osiris. Having its roof undamaged, it is extremely one of the most atmospheric out-of ancient structures. Edfu is funds and cemetery website throughout 3000 BC forth. It had been the fresh ‘home’ and you may cult hub of one’s falcon jesus Horus regarding Behdet (the latest ancient title getting Edfu), whilst the Temple of Horus since it can be obtained today was Ptolemaic. Already been by the Ptolemy III (246–221 BC) into 23 August 237 BC, on the website of a young and smaller Brand new Empire framework, the brand new sandstone forehead try completed specific 180 years later because of the Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos, Cleopatra VII’s father.

Inside the conception and you may design it uses the general bundle, scale, ornamentation and you can way of life out-of Pharaonic frameworks, right down to the brand new Egyptian gowns donned by Greek pharaohs illustrated in the temple’s reliefs. Although it is much latest than just cult temples at the Luxor otherwise Abydos, its higher level condition of preservation helps you to complete of several historic gaps; it is, in place, good 2000-year-dated exemplory case of an architectural concept which was currently archaic throughout the Ptolemaic times. 2 hundred in years past this new forehead is tucked by mud, rubble and you can the main community from Edfu, which in fact had spread-over brand new roof.

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